Ty-Cooke takes its name from the family of Cooke, who at one time resided here. The ancient house that stands at the top of the cobbled yard was called Upper Goitre Manor and was purchased towards the close of the seventeenth century by Thomas Cooke. This gentleman came from Worcestershire as chief manager for Mr Hanbury at Pontypool and introduced the rolling of iron. He built Ty Cooke (House of Cooke) in the early part of the eighteenth century and it remained in the Cooke family for over a hundred years.

The Price family came to Ty-Cooke in 1939 with Mr James Price farming a small dairy herd and sheep. A 60ft well in the cobbled yard was used until 1944; however the selling of milk required running water so it then ceased to be used. The kitchen still has the original Basting Wheel which was driven by a terrier.

There is allegedly a tunnel that runs from Upper Goitre Manor providing a safe passage for Monks to Goitre House which is 1½ miles away.

The dairy herd is long gone and we now produce continental breeds of beef and run a Suffolk-cross and Welsh ewe flock. The Bed and Breakfast was started in 1991, with three rooms in the main house. In 2005 we developed the Stables to provide a further 3 rooms.

We hope you enjoy your stay in this special part of Wales.